Your Murano Glass – Has It Really Been Made in Venice?

Murano glass has been made in Murano for the reason that overdue thirteenth century – 1291 AD to be precise. With such a lot of fakes on the market, how do you understand that your Murano Glass is a hundred% true? When you appearance lower back in history, glass blowing in Italy in truth dates right lower back to the seventh century however it is actual recognition and the beginning of its mammoth international recognition for artistic brilliance and sheer beauty virtually started in 1291. The then King of Italy turned into so concerned that the increasing wide variety of furnaces running on Murano would end up a hazard to the metropolis, as almost all the homes and homes have been crafted from timber. The King then made a royal decree that every one furnaces must be relocated to Venice to guard the metropolis from the risk of hearth.

Shortly after this, the phrase about the outstanding glass being made on Murano started out to filter to the relaxation of the arena. The King then became involved that the secrets and techniques and extraordinary reputation that Murano Glass had carried out around the world might depart the island. So the King then banned all travel to and from the Island of Murano to shield this awesome asset and the exceptional international of glass this is Murano become born.

The Chinese especially have seized in this and feature attempted to tap into this super marketplace via generating fakes in brilliant numbers. So let me now provide you with a few guidelines on how to make certain that the glass you’re buying is indeed one hundred% proper and made in Venice.


Ask for the VAM or Vetreria Artistica Murano certification range of the business enterprise who produced the item you’re looking at shopping. Not all furnaces on Murano bring this certification.


Genuine Murano glass has a readability and sheer artistic presence that is unmistakable. Cheap Chinese fakes are clumsily made, lack any depth of colour and are quite regularly lighter in weight than genuine Murano glass portions.


Look for the Pontil mark on the bottom. All Murano glass will either have a different floor martin glasses Pontil mark. Ground flat bases are generally now not Murano despite the fact that again, this isn’t always always the case.


ALL actual Murano glass will carry both a label, diamond etched signature if made through a Studio artist which include Gianluca Vidal. Beware of items that deliver acid etched signatures as these can every now and then be faked also.

TIP five

Get to recognize the patterns and production techniques used by Murano glass makers consisting of Avventurine, Sommerso, Filigrana, Latticino and so on. Only by using handling or viewing actual Murano glass, will you get to understand what’s proper and what is inaccurate in terms of identifying the fakes.


Look for exclusive enlargement strains or bubbles at the glass. These strains are created as the glass is worked and accelerated underneath warmness leaving exclusive strains within the glass just like what you will see in a tree trunk.


Almost all of the reasonably-priced heavily produced glass made in China in particular jewellery and beads are all made in molds so the visible growth strains honestly aren’t visible because of being industrially produced.

TIP eight

Items made everywhere else but in Murano Venice or mainland Italy are SIMPLY NOT MURANO GLASS. Only items which have been produced in Murano Italy are the actual deal. No Murano glass is made in China so all people based totally in China stating they may be promoting masses of 4000 Murano glass beads for 700 USD or so is IMPOSSIBLE. To come up with some sort of guide, if the 4000 beads have been indeed actual and certainly made in Murano, you’ll want to do not forget 2 elements. The fashion and technique used to make the beads in question, and the scale and complexity of the layout. I can properly guarantee you that if those had been true, a base fee for those if they have been made in Murano might be from $4000 USD upwards – that is the very bare minimum so that you can see what I mean.